What we do

The A.R.C.H. provides addiction treatment to men over the age of 18.  We have a capacity of 28 beds in two separate locations.  All prospective residents must screen with the A.R.C.H. staff to get on our waiting list.  We may conduct phone screenings for those who are unable to meet the A.R.C.H. staff in person.  This is at the discretion of the A.R.C.H. staff.

The A.R.C.H. Halfway House consists of highly structured living that contains the following:

  • Finding and maintaining full time employment
  • Development of life skills: Cleanliness, hygiene, timeliness, communication, using support group
  • Individualized counseling weekly
  • Group Therapy (“Peer Evaluations”)
  • 5:30 House Meetings, periodic special groups, educational groups, and/or athletic events.
  • Peer driven groups such as Phase Group, Cares & Concerns, and Group Conscience
  • Intense work with the first 10 Steps of A.A., (Including 5th Step reading with clergy)
  • Three to five outside 12 Step Meetings per week
  • Time + financial budgeting assistance, if needed
  • Appropriate referrals for mental health needs or other specialized circumstances
  • Individualized, person-centered treatment plans
  • Family + community resources counseling
  • Assistance in the daily struggles of early sobriety

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